Sunday, July 6, 2008



January 1, 2013 --  Production complete of kid's tv show pilot. Producer to pitch the show.
August 9, 2012 --  Hired to write pilot for a kid's show. My daughter and I co-wrote the skit. Shooting begins asap in  El Paso.
August 7, 2012 --  Outline complete for new feature script "Malice". 
July 1st, 2012 --  Submitted "Secret Agent" to Amazon Studios for option review.
June 22, 2012 --  Submitted "Secret Agent" to screenwriting agent. Also submitted to a couple of producers for review.
June 22, 2012 --  Outlining new feature spec script "Malice". San Antonio producer packaging 7th Son to present to investors.
June 7, 2012 --  ThinkFierce continues work on their projects to earn enough capital to produce some of the scripts we've worked on.
June 7, 2012 --  Met with San Antonio producer - discussed working on some projects with him. Showed interest in feature script 7th Son.
June 2, 2012 --  Finished rewrite of 7th Son. Going back to original draft. Script had undergone too many changes and a lot of what made the original script work was lost. Started with original script and rewrote the majority. 
May 8, 2012 --  Revisited first draft of 7th Son. Began rewriting process.
May 8, 2012 --  Completed spec script The Secret Agent. Next step - find a producer/agent for it!
December 9, 2011 -- Producer in talks with new investment group. Things looking up again.
December 5, 2011 -- Producer continues to work with investors regarding Brothers: Full Circle. Should know in a couple of weeks whether the investors are in or not.
October 18, 2011 -- Brothers: Full Circle still in financing stages. Producer needs investment group to come through so he can court a director and actors.
October 18, 2011 -- First draft nearly complete of Dragon Within. After completion, script will be submitted to agents and a producer who is already looking to read it.
July 21, 2011 -- Finished outlining new feature movie script (The Dragon Within). Spec script.
July 21, 2011 -- Martial arts drama film tentatively scheduled for theatrical release summer 2012.
June 01, 2011 --
Short film "Broken Promise" still to be made by 8thSonProductions in N.Y.
June 01, 2011 -- Martial arts drama script (Brothers: Full Circle) is very close to being funded through investment group.
April 16, 2011 -- Completed script polish assignment for DDogpictures.
Trimmed script down from 146 pages to 116.
March 4, 2011 -- Working on script polish and treatment/synopsis writing assignment for Swedish company DDogpictures.
December 29, 2010 -- Thinkfierce holding meetings with potential investors/director for martial arts action/drama script. Polishing script.
November 26, 2010 -- UTA pitching feature script to the studios.
November 20, 2010 -- Thinkfierce, LLC in talks with potential investors. Thinkfierce to have meetings with film director and casting director.
September 21, 2010 -- Feature script written for ThinkFierce to be packaged and pitched to potential investors by producer. Director and talent to be attached.
July 25, 2010 -- Production of short film "Sweet Dreams" by DiaperDogPictures in Sweden is complete.
July 20, 2010 -- "Ashes on the Roman Line" feature script written for Canadian filmmaker still in the back burner. Filmmaker plans to shoot it sometime in the future.
July 12, 2010 -- Completed script for ThinkFierce. David will pitch to producers.
April 18, 2010 -- Developing an action/drama feature script for ThinkFierce, LLC in L.A.
April 15, 2010 -- Feature script based on the life of FDR's butler and life guard is being considered by RHI Entertainment. Script has been pitched to HBO and Fox Searchlight. 
February 27, 2010 -- The short film "The Warner Paradox" received the Best In Show award for March 2010 from MicroFilmmaker Magazine. Received a score of 9.4.
February 20, 2010 -- Short script "Sweet Dreams" produced in Sweden. Currently in post production.
January 15, 2010 -- Feature script on its way to investors/studios. The goal being to get a studio to purchase the script for financing and production.
December 25, 2009 -- Two short scripts written for Australian director. "Marriage is Forever" and "Fratricide" - paid assignment.
December 23, 2009 -- Final draft of "7th Son" screenplay complete.
December 15, 2009 -- Short script "Sweet Dreams" optioned to Swedish company - DiaperDog Pictures.
April 4, 2009 -- Indie filmmaker currently shooting feature film to raise funds for shooting "After Tonight" - a feature-length, dark comedy we worked on together a couple of years ago. 
March 16, 2009 -- Working on 2nd draft of the feature script "7th Son" for producer.
March 16, 2009 -- The short "Breaking the Silence" has been cast. New England. Shooting to begin tentatively in summer of this year '09.
January 1, 2009 -- "The Warner Paradox" is complete. An 18-minute short film about a serial killer who goes back in time to kill his parents thus preventing his birth and sparing the lives of all those women he killed.
January 1, 2009 -- Continuing work with David Krapes on various projects - currently he's pitching some scripts to investors for financing.
January 1, 2009 -- "Lost Promise" - Director: Luis A. Colon is currently seeking financing for this project - N.Y.
October 17, 2008 -- "Lost Promise" - short drama film, is in the developmental stages at Eigtht Son Productions in New York.
September 26, 2008 -- Production of "The Brian Warner Paradox" complete. Currently in post-production. Pablolewinproductions.
June 1, 2008 -- Actor attached to play Rufus W. Johnson in feature script "7th Son".
May 15, 2008 -- My short script, "Brian Warner Must Die", is set to be produced in August/September 2008. It is about a serial killer who travels back in time to prevent his birth by killing his parents.
May 1, 2008 -- Various filmmakers are working on getting the following short scripts produced, "The Room", "Broken Promise" and "House on the Hill". "House on the Hill" is a project that IconoclastProductions has had on its slate for a couple of years now. Their hope is to gather 10 filmmakers and each one shoot the short film in their own vision. Ten filmmakers have already shown interest in the project but as of this update no word yet on when production will begin.  
January 10, 2008 -- Filmmaker Pete Fourwinds ( set to produce my short script, "Breaking the Silence" sometime next year 2009.
January 5, 2008 -- Finished writing two feature length screenplays for American Gladiator trainer/manager, David Krapes. He manages Xin Wuku, "ZEN" who's one of the American Gladiators. Both scripts are martial arts scripts and David is currently pitching them to prospective producers in L.A. Will be working on another project for Mr. Krapes.